How to draw a cartoon grandpa with a cane in hand for kids

How to draw grandpa

Grandpa Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorial

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Here are the steps to draw Cartoon Grandpa. Enjoy!

Step 1: Draw a circle as grandpa’s head.

How to draw grandpa 01

Step 2: Draw 2 ears and a pair of glasses on the nose.

How to draw grandpa 02

Step 3: Draw two smiley eyes and a tuft of beard. Color the optical frames black.

How to draw grandpa 03

Step 4: Draw the body of the grandpa and with a cane in his right hand.

How to draw grandpa 04

Step 5: Color grandpa’s shirt dark green.

How to draw grandpa 05

Step 6: Color the pants grey and shoes blue.

How to draw grandpa 06

Step 7: Color the cane brown.

How to draw grandpa 07

Step 7: Color the face meat color.

How to draw grandpa 08

Step 8: Color the hair and beard grey and white.

How to draw grandpa


“I Love Grandpa” Song Lyrics for Kids

When Grandpa reads a book to me
I snuggle up on Grandpa’s knee
I sit and look and listen too
And kiss my Grandpa when he is through!

Grandpa Video Drawing Tutorial for kids!