How to draw a cartoon doctor with stethoscope and medical box in hand

How to draw doctor

Doctor Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorial

A medical doctor (also called a physician) is a person who practices medicine to treat illness and injuries. Medical doctors go to medical school to be trained. They usually hold a college degree in medicine. Medical doctors used to make house calls to treat patients at home. Now they usually see patients in their offices or in hospitals. Medical doctors may also work for schools, companies, sports teams, or the military. Medical doctors are often assisted by nurses or other staff.

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Medical doctors treat patients by diagnosing them, or figuring out what is wrong. When medical doctors diagnose a patient, they begin by asking questions about the patient’s symptoms. Symptoms might include fever or pain. They may ask other questions about things like past illnesses or family members who have been sick. They will then examine the patient. That can include looking at different parts of the body and listening to the heart and lungs with a stethoscope. Sometimes they may need to collect blood, use an x-ray machine, or use other tools to look for things they cannot see when examining the patient. Usually, when they have gathered enough information, a doctor can make a diagnosis and then prescribe a treatment. Often they prescribe drugs.

Here are the steps to draw Cartoon Doctor. Enjoy!

Step 1: Draw two circles with a dot in the middle as the doctor’s eyes.

How to draw doctor 01

Step 2: Draw the doctor’s face with two ears and some hair.

How to draw doctor 02

Step 3: Draw a nose and a smiling mouth for the doctor.

How to draw doctor 03

Step 4: Draw some hair on top of his head.

How to draw doctor 04

Step 5: Draw a tie within a collar for the doctor.

How to draw doctor 05

Step 6: Draw the doctor’s hands and shirt.

How to draw doctor 06

Step 7: Draw the legs and the feet under the shirt.

How to draw doctor 07

Step 8: Draw a medical box in the doctor’s hand, and some buttons on the shirt.

How to draw doctor 08

Step 9: Draw a stethoscope surrounding the doctor’s neck.

How to draw doctor 09

Step 10: Color the hair brown and the eyes light blue.

How to draw doctor 10

Step 11: Color the face and the hands meat color.

How to draw doctor 11

Step 12: Color the tie dark red and the cross on the medical box in red.

How to draw doctor 12

Step 13: Color the trousers blue, the shoes dark brown and the border of the shirt light blue.

How to draw doctor 13

Step 14: Color the stethoscope brown.

How to draw doctor

“Doctor, Doctor” Song Lyrics for Kids

Doctor, doctor, can you tell
What will make poor Sheila well?
She is sick and going to die
That will make poor Tommy cry.

Tommy, Tommy, don’t you cry.
You will see her by and by,
Dressed in pink or navy blue,
Waiting at the church to marry you.

Doctor Video Drawing Tutorial for kids!