How to Draw a Cartoon Apple Tree for Kids

How to Draw Apple Tree

Cartoon Apple Tree Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorial

Apple trees may be grown by using the Farming skill. Level 27 farmers may plant an apple tree seed in a plant pot that has been filled with dirt from any empty gardening patch. A gardening trowel is needed to plant the seed, which must then be watered with a watering can. These actions are all performed in the inventory section of the interface.

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After a few minutes, the planted seed will become an apple tree sapling and can then be transferred to a fruit tree patch. The fruit tree patch must first be raked clean of weeds. Compost or supercompost may be added prior to planting, and once planted (using a spade and trowel), the nearby farmer may be paid to watch over your tree. The payment for looking after an apple tree is 9 raw sweetcorn, which may be noted to save space.

An apple tree sapling may take fourteen or more hours to mature. An amulet of nature may be bound to the patch to provide progress on its growth. Once mature, the tree produces up to six cooking apples at a time.

Planting the apple tree sapling gives 22 farming experience, and checking a healthy fully-grown apple tree provides 1199.5 farming experience. If the farmer does not watch the tree, then disease on the tree may be removed using secateurs. However, if left alone, the diseased tree will die. It will take around 880 minutes (14.67 hours) to grow.

Each apple, when picked, gives 8.5 farming experience. When all six apples have been picked, the tree will slowly produce more apples until all six are available again. However, the apples may be picked individually provided that at least one appears on the tree.

Here are the steps to draw Cartoon Apple Tree. Enjoy!

Step 1: Draw the root and trunk of the tree with some grass.

How to draw apple tree 01

Step 2: Draw some curves as the crown of the tree.

How to draw apple tree 02

Step 3: Draw some apples in the crown and one apple under the tree.

How to draw apple tree 03

Step 4: Color the trunk and the root brown.

How to draw apple tree 04

Step 5: Color the leaves and the grass using green and yellow.

How to draw apple tree 05

Step 6: Color the apples red and draw a shadow under the tree.

How to Draw Apple Tree

Apple Tree Apple Tree : Circle Game

Towards the end of August when Summer has ripened the harvest, there are many lovely traditions to celebrate Nature’s bounty and the turning of the season. Apple Tree Apple Tree is an old, traditional circle game and just right for the last days of Summer. It is often used in playground games, as a way of eliminating players, so that the last person left can be chosen to start the next game.

Apple tree, apple tree,

Will your apple fall on me?

I won’t cry, I won’t shout,

If your apple knocks me out!

Here is the tree with leaves so green.

Here are the apples that hang inbetween.

When the wind blows the apples will fall,

And here is a basket to gather them all

Apple Tree Video Drawing Tutorial for kids!