How to draw iceberg, floating ice, glacier

How to draw iceberg

Iceberg Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorial

An iceberg is a large piece of freshwater ice that has broken off a glacier or an ice shelf and is floating freely in open (salt) water. Small bits of disintegrating icebergs are called “growlers” or “bergy bits”.

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Much of an iceberg is below the surface which led to the expression “tip of the iceberg” to illustrate a small part of a larger unseen issue. Icebergs are considered a serious maritime hazard. The 1912 loss of the RMS Titanic led to the formation of the International Ice Patrol in 1914.

Icebergs calved by glaciers that face the open sea, such as in Greenland, are irregular shaped piles. In Antarctica, ice shelves calve large tabular (table top) icebergs. The biggest iceberg ever recorded was Iceberg B-15A which split off the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica in 2000.

Here are the steps to draw iceberg. Enjoy!

Step 1: Draw the outlines of the icebergs.

How to draw iceberg

Step 2: Color the sky blue and the faraway icebergs light blue.

How to draw iceberg

Step 3: Color the lake dark blue.

How to draw iceberg

Step 4: Color the nearby icebergs light blue with layers.

How to draw iceberg

Step 5: Draw some reflections of the icebergs on the lake.

How to draw iceberg


Forty Years on an Iceberg” Song lyrics

Forty years on an iceberg / make #10 four times with hands
Sailing the ocean wide / wave motion
Nothing to wear but pyjamas / slide hands up body from toes to head
Nothing to do but slide / slide hands down body from head to toes
The wind was cold and icy / shiver, arms around body
The frost began to bite / chomping motion with hands
I had to hug a polar bear / hug body
To keep me warm at night night night night


Iceberg Video Drawing Tutorial